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Войдите, чтобы получить скидку 10%
16 Июль, 2020
Along with Liberty Central Saigon discovering Top 3 places to enjoy Pho in District 1

Pho has long been a representative of Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of international friends based on its unforgettable taste and elaborate processing style. In each region of Vietnam, the flavor of Pho has a unique feature. When coming to Saigon, enjoying a bowl of steaming Pho with Southern true flavor is something that visitors can’t ignore. There are the Top 3 places to enjoy Southern Pho that is delicious and convenient in District 1 when you stay at Liberty Central Saigon 4-star hotel chain:

1. Pho Le – Near by the Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel:

As one of the most famous pho restaurants in Saigon, with Southern processing style, Pho Le has long been the most favorite restaurant for diners whenever they stop in Ho Chi Minh City. The diverse menu, clean and luxurious space, special flavor are the factors that contribute to Pho Le always attracting customers from early morning to late night.



2. Pho Minh – Near by the Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel:

Located in a small alley on Pasteur, Pho Minh is a suitable place for diners who prefer quiet space and love the ancient style. Pho Minh is considered as one of the most special pho restaurants in Saigon with a taste that is hard to describe in words. Only about 10 minutes walk from Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel along the busy and bustling Pasteur road, visitors can set foot in this poetic Pho Minh restaurant.

3. Pho Cao Van – Only 8 minutes by taxi from the Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel:

With "age" over 50 years, Pho Cao Van (Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1) is not only famous for its special way of cooking with wood stoves, but also the dedication of the owner whenever customers visit. With a rich flavor, this noodle shop deserves to become the "intestine location" for those who love pho. From Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel, just 8 minutes by taxi, visitors can enjoy a hot bowl of Pho Cao Van.

At Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel, we also serve 4-star standard pho with delicious flavors, through of the experienced chefs of the restaurant. Don’t forget to stay at the Liberty Central Saigon hotel chain to enjoy pho in the Top 3 most famous pho places in District 1.

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