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Войдите, чтобы получить скидку 10%
05 Август, 2020
Discover Saigon's top 3 oldest and most famous markets with Liberty Central Saigon

Besides the historical value, the following markets are also the place for busy trading activities which attract many tourists to visit. Let's find out with Liberty Central Saigon!

1. Ben Thanh Market

As one of the typical symbols of the city, Ben Thanh Market (District 1) is a shopping and dining destination for tourists. Been through almost 110 years old, operating from 1914 until now, the market has witnessed the many changes of history and become a symbol of the intersection between old and new Saigon. This is where many items such as clothing, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry and specialty dishes are concentrated. Coming to Ben Thanh market, visitors will feel the vibrant and colorful life of the people here as well as buy yourself favorite items.

2. Binh Tay Market

Located on the west side of the city (District 6), this Asian-style market has been in running for nearly 90 years. Binh Tay Market has its own unique beauty compared to other locations with ancient tiles that create a cool and airy feeling, with up to 12 doors and a place to look upon the clear sky. Besides, this is also the busiest place in Saigon with the large number of tourists every day. If you want to buy home appliances or electronics, this is the most ideal place.

3. Tan Dinh Market

Tan Dinh Market was built in 1926, the market carries a history with the unique architecture and closeness. Compared to other markets, Tan Dinh Market is famous for many quality food stalls. This place is highly appreciated by visitors because of its diverse, delicious and attractive food. Especially, if you need to buy fabric at a reasonable price, this is the first choice with many fabric materials and various patterns.

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