Exclusive 10% discount more for member sign in or mobile deal
Exclusive 10% discount more for member sign in or mobile deal
Being the leading hospitality management company in Vietnam, Odyssea Hospitality continues to strive for the proud journey with stable and sustainable development. Its achievements are recognized by the values to stakeholders: sustainable benefits to shareholders, high-quality services for customers, dynamic working environment for employees and reliable partnerships, etc
For the next journey, Odyssea Hospitality aims at embedding corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in our DNA. We are responsible and we care for where our business is built and grown. Our employees always find the sense of belonging to the company, improve their self-esteem and enhance their motivation. We are looking forward to push our employees’ level of engagement through CSR approaches and contribute more values to society. 
We are going in with a long-term commitment to CSR. Having a positive impact on society issues is our challenges, but our CSR will be implemented with consistency and determination. Our CSR activities are focused on 6 different dimensions: 
  • Supporting hospitality students in experience sharing and diversified internship opportunities 
  • Developing environment protection and nature preservation projects in cities where Odyssea and its hotel members are operating 
  • Building a strong engaging, empowering and productive working environment for employees
  • Cooperating with suppliers in providing materials and ingredients which are friendly with environment
  • Providing safe and full-filled joyful places, enrich customer’s lives with healthy and comfortable lifestyle
  • Becoming ourselves an organization’s context-specific actions and policies designed to enhance the welfare of various stakeholder groups by accounting for the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental performance
Contact us if you would like to partner with us in building CSR initiatives for our society.