07 April, 2020
Practice "social distancing" while staying at Liberty Central Saigon hotels

Practice "social distancing" while staying at Liberty Central Saigon hotels


At the present, "social distancing" is an indispensable thing to ensure the safety for yourself and the people around you. However, in some specific cases, you got to move to Ho Chi Minh City and stay at a hotel. In such situations, how to practice "social distancing" there? Let Liberty Central Saigon share with you some useful tips:

1. Prepare essential items for your luggage

In addition tomasks, soap, disinfectant towels, at the Liberty Central Saigon hotels, we recommend guests to bring gloves when carrying luggage. Wearing gloves will help you minimize contact with public surfaces like doorknobs or tables and chairs.


2. Comply with your hotel safety regulations

At the Liberty Central Saigon hotels, everyone who enters the hotel is required to wear a mask, measure body temperature and wash their hands with hand sanitizer. If you get sick during your stay at our hotels, tell us immediately to get medical assistance as soon as possible.



3. Be selective in choosing a room

During this period, if traveling with a relative, friend or lover, the choice of a room with a single bed or twins bed will ensure the higher safety of you and the people accompanying you.


4. Use in-hotel F&B services

Eating right at the hotel helps you limit interaction with other people compared to going out to eat. Liberty Central Saigon hotels have room service available for you. You can enjoy the delicious food prepared by the top chefs of Liberty Central Saigon without worrying about the origin of food and the level of food safety and hygiene.


5. Avoid going out or inviting strangers to your room

Limiting leaving the hotel and not inviting strangers to your room will ensure your safety. If you want to relax safely at the hotel, The Bistro is located right in the Liberty Central Saigon hotel is a reasonable choice with diverse and attractive food and drink menu. If your room class is Executive or above, you can use the Executive Lounge to meet your guests.


Protect the safety of yourself and your loved ones by staying at Liberty Central Saigon hotels when you move to Ho Chi Minh City. Plan your come back trip when the outbreak is over and receive 18% discount on room rates with code "SAFE2STAY" here: https://secure.odysseahotels.com/