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Exclusive 10% discount more for member sign in or mobile deal
31 July, 2020
Along with Liberty Central Saigon discovers "Top 3 famous places to enjoy Banh Canh" in Ho Chi Minh City.

Banh canh - a special dish of the Southern Vietnam which has held the heart of many domestic and foreign diners. The noodles are white and chewy that combined with fresh snakehead fish or sweet crab meat, and many other ingredients to make a bowl of colorful Banh canh. This dish is chosen by visitors to be one of the most famous food of Vietnam. Here are the Top 3 best banh canh in Saigon that Liberty Central Saigon would recommend to diners when staying at our hotel.


  1. “Hoang Lan” Banh canh:

 With over 20 years of experience, Hoang Lan Banh Canh deserves to become one of the most delicious places to enjoy Banh Canh in Saigon. This place causes remembrance for visitors with the typical flavor of the soup pot, just standing from afar, observing the steaming fumy has left unforgettable aftertaste in their hearts. Besides, the restaurant also has an extremely diverse topping list, from peeled shrimp, crab meat, fish ball to lean meat, blended with a moderate wave of water. A special feature that Hoang Lan attracts customers is the rich and seasoning sauce, the sour taste combined with the soup has made customers all praise from the taste to the quality of the dish.


  1. “Nguyen Tri Phuong” Banh canh:

 If you are a fan of seafood, especially crabs, don't forget to visit the banh canh shop with extremely fresh ingredients at Nguyen Tri Phuong. Crabs are transported from Phan Thiet or Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh City but still keep the freshness of the crabs. The broth is cleverly processed when combining 2 ingredients of coconut milk & ginger, creating a fatty and slightly spicy taste in the banh canh. A meal with full of nutrients for diners at noon hungry, please refer to this super attractive place.


  1. 29 Nguyen Van Nguyen Banh canh:

 Although it is just a simple restaurant, located on the sidewalk on the busy Nguyen Van Nguyen street, few people know that the restaurant has gone through more than 30 years with the extremely famous "Banh canh bo vien" that anyone enjoyed all the good compliments. Delicious beef balls, eating will feel chewy but not crumbling, visitors will taste the greasy taste of the beef balls but do not bring a cloy feeling. Not only that, the restaurant also has a very diverse topping, including a pork leg with crispy crunchy skin that is very delicious. This is definitely a shop that tourists can’t ignore when you have the opportunity to stop in this bustling magnificent city.


 In addition, when working and relaxing at Liberty Central Saigon hotel chain, diners have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious bowl of special Banh canh prepared from our 4-star chefs. Book a room at Liberty Central Saigon hotel chain to enjoy the top 3 extremely famous Banh canh places in Ho Chi Minh City!

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