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Terms and Conditions
Odyssea Rewards program run by Odyssea Hospitality Management Company, is designed to enable its Members to enjoy various benefits during their stay at Odyssea Hospitality Hotels participating in the Odyssea Rewards program.
The Odyssea Rewards program is applicable only if allowed by law in the Member's country of residence. If it is not allowed, membership is null and void.

  • Adjustment: Points credited following a claim by the Member or an error on the part of the Program.
  • Advance: Cash advance granted occasionally by certain hotels, but which is not eligible for earning Points.
  • Check-in: Date of arrival at the hotel.
  • Check-out: Date of departure from the hotel.
  • Customer: Individual (not a Member of the Program) staying the night in a room at any hotel under management of Odyssea Hospitality. 
  • Day Use: Use of a hotel room where Check-in and Check-out take place on the same day.
  • Eligible Night: A night spent by a Member that can be collected to enable reaching a Status level according to the scale presented in Article 8. Eligible nights are only those nights where a Member has stayed in a hotel participating in the Program, booked through an eligible distribution channel and paid a rate eligible for earning Points, as described in Articles 7.1 and 7.2 below.
  • Member: Customer who has accepted the Program’s General Conditions of Use, successfully signed up and officially participated in the Odyssea Rewards program.
  • Point: Unit generated by a Member according to a set scale, following an eligible stay or the purchase of eligible services at a hotel participating in the Program. There are two types of Points, Rewards Points and Status Points, which are accounted for separately and cannot be combined.
  • Rewards Points: Points earned by a Member as described in Article 7.4 and that the Member may redeem for Rewards.
  • Status Points: Points earned by a Member as described in Article 7.8 and that allow the Member to access the Program’s various Status levels.
  • Reward: Any service, product or benefit obtained using Rewards Points collected on the Member’s account.
  • Status: Level depending on the number of Eligible Nights or the number of Status Points earned by a Member over a given period and that corresponds to (i) advantages received by a Member at a hotel participating in the Program and (ii) the scale of Rewards Points earned.
  • Transaction: Crediting or debiting points from a Member's account.
The hotels participating in the Program are hotels operating under Odyssea Hospitality and its brands, with the exception of the hotels and brands listed on page of the Odyssea Hospitality website (see list of participating brands and non-participating hotels and brands on Odyssea Rewards).
If a hotel leaves the Odyssea Hospitality network or desists to be a participating hotel after the Member makes a booking but before the Member’s actual stay, the Member:
  • Will not earn Points and will not have access to any advantage at the hotel,
  • Will not have access to any special offers in which the hotel may have participated,
  • If applicable, will have Rewards Points re-credited for booking,
  • Will not be able to use Odyssea Rewards vouchers in this hotel.
The loyalty Program Administrator will make every effort to inform Members affected by such a situation with reasonable notice before their stay. 

4.1. Conditions of Membership. The Program is open to all persons who are legally considered to be an adult or have the legal capacity to sign a contract in their home country.
Membership registration is free of charge.
Members have a membership card, sent to them as a physical card or digital card, depending on the Member’s Status and/or choice. Whether in physical or digital card format, the membership card is nominative and strictly personal. It cannot be sold, loaned or transferred. The membership card is not a means of payment and cannot be used to guarantee a booking. The card lists the Member’s name, individual identification number and expiry date of Status (for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Status levels – see Article 8 below). The rule is one membership card per member.
The card may be used only by the Member whose name is printed on the card.
Only one valid e-mail address is required to join the Program. By joining the Program, the Member agrees to receive digital communications relating to the operation of, and services offered by, the Program, including information messages, Points statements, and information regarding the operation of the Member's account. If the Member no longer wishes to receive this information, which is considered essential to Program operation, the Member shall follow the Program termination procedure.
Program Members accept that the Program may be modified, totally or partially, at any time. Within a reasonable period of time before their application, Members will be notified of any changes made to the Program that may substantially modify their rights and obligations relating to the Program, particularly through information posted on the Odyssea Rewards or via digital communication. Members have the possibility of terminating their membership as outlined in Article 12.1. Participation in the Program following the effective date of modifications implies acceptance on the part of the Member.
The Member must not disclose his/her personal account password to any other party. The Member accepts responsibility for all operations to and from his/her account.

4.2. Registering as a Program Member. A Customer could only join the Program by registering online on the Odyssea Hospitality website or by any other means made available to the Customer by the program.
The Customer shall provide the required and obligatory elements and details when registering as a Program Member.
New Members must accept the Program’s Terms & Conditions.
Once accepted and registered, the Member will fully benefit from all Program services, including access to the different functions of the website, such as Odyssea Rewards.
  • Accessing Rewards,
  • Checking his/her personal account,
  • Redeeming Rewards Points, etc.
and recognition by all Odyssea Hospitality sites.

4.3. Personal Member Account. Using their personal account, Members can:
  • View account balance, Eligible Nights balance, transaction history, and status.
  • Be recognized on the Odyssea Hospitality websites and mobile applications.
  • Enter accommodation preferences, personal preferences, and favorite brands and destinations.
  • View reservation history and modify current reservations, if necessary.
  • Subscribe to Odyssea Hospitality newsletters, and manage subscriptions online.
  • Access personalized offers and services.
  • Enjoy additional discounts  from public prices.

In order to enjoy the various benefits that come with being a Member, Members must provide their loyalty card number whenever they wish to take advantage of one of the services available and/or present their loyalty card (in either physical or digital format) when checking into a hotel. Members who do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be authorized to take advantage of the Program-related benefits.
In the event of loss or theft of membership card, the Member must notify the Program Administrator immediately and order a new card on the Odyssea Rewards website.

Any breach by a Member of these Terms & Condition, abusive or fraudulent use of the card, Points or Odyssea Rewards vouchers, communication of falsified information and/or detrimental or objectionable behavior (in particular, regrettable, malicious or insulting behavior towards hotel staff or customers) may result – at the sole discretion of the loyalty Program Administrator – in the temporary suspension of the Member’s Program membership or termination of membership without notice or compensation and cancellation of any Points earned by the Member with his/her card, as per the terms stipulated in Article 12. This suspension or termination shall be without prejudice to the Program Administrator’s right to take action with respect to a Member.

When a Member makes an eligible stay at one of the hotels participating in the Program and this stay includes at least one paid night that the Member actually spends at the hotel, the Member's account is credited with whole Points and nights corresponding to the stay. Day Use generates Points credit only, and no Eligible Night will be counted.
For crediting Points, the amount paid in local currency outside Vietnam will be converted to Vietnam Dong before applying the earned Points scales. The exchange rate applied by the hotel at Check-out is taken from the website.
Points and Eligible Nights may not be transferred to another Member. They are strictly personal and non-transferable.
Points do not constitute as a mean of payment and have no monetary value. No money shall be provided for lost or unused Points.

7.1. Reservation channels eligible for points. Only stays booked at eligible rates via Odyssea Hospitality Hotels distribution channels (Odyssea Hospitality Hotels Internet sites, participating hotels reservation center, international or local corporate offices that have contract with hotels or directly at hotels) and traditional travel agencies using a GDS (Global Distribution System) connected automatically to Odyssea Hospitality, entitle the Member to earn Points.
Eligible stays therefore specifically do not include stays booked via a reseller, tour operator or third-party online travel agent (such as,,, etc.). These stays do not enable the Member to earn Points or to collect Eligible Nights to obtain a Status.
7.2. Eligible booking rates. Only stays booked at an eligible rate enable benefitting from the Program.
Eligible booking rates include all public, corporate, and promotional rates, except for the following:
  • Room rates for group bookings when the rooms are invoiced to and paid for globally by the organizer (excluding the MICE Planner promotional offer )
  • Rates proposed to employees of partner companies (travel, tourism, etc.), also known as “Partner/Industry/B2B Rates”;
  • Room rates for crew members (airline, shipping, or other);
  • Rates for Odyssea Hospitality Hotels employees,
  • Tour operator rates.
7.3. Eligible expenses. Only the following expenses are eligible to earn Points and only if they are paid for by a Member who stays at the hotel participating in the Program:
  • Expenses for Member accommodations and, if applicable, for one other room at the same hotel on the same date (for a maximum of two invoiced rooms), provided that (i) the Member is staying in one of these rooms and that (ii) the second room is not occupied by another Member; note that if the Member books two rooms, Points are earned for these rooms, but the number of Eligible Nights is based only on the Member's room
  • Services in addition to hotel accommodations such as room service, meals & drinks at the hotel restaurants and the hotel bars.
  • Expenses for hotel spa services.
  • Meeting facilities 
  • Points are calculated on the basis of the total invoice for eligible expenses, excluding tax and service charge. The invoice must be fully settled, in other words the payment must have been accepted and confirmed by the hotel.
No Eligible Point earned if a member does not stay in hotels but using above hotel services, Member could only have Member discount benefit based on their Level-Status card.
The following expenditures do not qualify for earning Points:
  • Additional expenditures incurred as part of a non-eligible stay (even if settled at the participating hotel);
  • Taxes (notably VAT), tips, taxis, transfers to/from the hotel, service charges and other applicable charges;
  • Expenses incurred as part of organizing a company seminar, banquet or any other event – including private events – settled by a company.
  • Sightseeing Tours and paid out  expenses 
  • All charges and expenses which are not specifically listed as eligible expenditures.
7.4. Rewards Points Scale. The Program offers three Status levels that are attributed according to the number of Eligible Nights or Status Points earned: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Each Status has its own scale for Rewards Points earned, as shown in the table below, on the basis of 200,000 VND in eligible expenses.
SILVER 16 15 14
GOLD 20 18 16
PLATINUM 25 22 19
If a Member's Status changes between booking and Check-out, the rules used for attributing Rewards Points will be based on the Member’s Status at Check-out. For a stay of several consecutive nights, Members are entitled to only one “Odyssea Rewards” Points credit when the total invoice is paid.
7.5. Special offers and promotional operations. Members may also earn Rewards Points in the context of special offers or promotional operations organized by the Program. In this context, earning Rewards Points depends on meeting specific conditions that apply to each offer or operation and that are communicated to Members.

7.6. Special offers and promotional operations. Bookers of international or local corporate offices may also earn Rewards Points when booking through Odyssea Hospitality websites with contracted rate codes and by his/her registered Member accounts. The “Odyssea Rewards” Points earned only based on actual his/her clients’ expenses on accommodation only.

7.7. Validity of Rewards Points. Rewards Points are valid for 365 days from the date of the event generating credit. For Rewards Points collected after a stay at a participating hotel, this date is the date of Check-out.
The validity of Rewards Points collected by a Member is extended by 365 days each time the Member stays at a participating hotel that is eligible for earning Points.
If the Member does not stay at a participating Hotels that allows earning Points during a period of 365 consecutive days, all the Rewards Points in his or her account, whatever their origin, will be lost without prior notice, without being able to restore or transfer these Rewards Points.

Members may at any time access a higher Status if they reach the required number of Eligible Nights or Status Points, as shown in the table below.
GOLD 20 3,500
PLATINUM 45 9,000

At the start of each calendar New Year, an assessment is made of Eligible Nights spent and Status Points earned by a member during the previous calendar year:
  • If, during the previous calendar year, the Member reached a threshold allowing maintenance of his/her current Status or access to a higher Status, he/she will get to keep this Status for the current calendar year;
  • If, during the previous calendar year, the Member did not reach a threshold allowing maintenance of his/her current Status, he/she will have a Status corresponding to his/her activity during this period, as indicated on the scale below.
  • Eligible Nights and Status Points counters are reset to zero on 1 January of each calendar year.
  • The use of Rewards Points has no effect on keeping or changing a Status.
In addition to receiving Points, Members with a status of Gold or higher are offered certain benefits associated with their Membership Status level.
Only the cardholder Member is entitled to the benefits associated with the membership card.
These benefits are offered on the condition that the Member’s stay is eligible for earning Points.
These benefits are described in in more details in the “Odyssea Rewards” section of the Odyssea Hospitality website.
In particular, the guarantee of an available room before arrival is subject to the following specific conditions:
  • The guarantee covers room availability only and not a particular type of room.
Reservation must be made before noon, 12:00PM (local time at the hotel) and at least three days for Silver cardholders, two days for Gold cardholders, one days for Platinum cardholders prior to the date of arrival.
+  The Member must request for this guarantee at the time of booking.
+  In properties that belong to the “resorts” category, the guarantee of availability may be applicable to stays of a minimum of seven nights.
+  This guarantee applies only to stays booked via Odyssea Hospitality hotel distribution channels, paid for at the standard or full rate (excluding promotions or discounts) and for one room only (the Member’s room). For bookings that include several rooms, this guarantee therefore does not apply to the additional rooms.
+  If the participating hotel is unable to guarantee room availability, it commits to accommodating the Member at another nearby Odyssea Hospitality hotels or at a hotel in an equivalent category. If the Member is accommodated at a hotel that is not under the management of Odyssea Hospitality, the hotel will refund any difference in the cost of the first night and any related transportation fees, upon presentation by the Member of the corresponding invoices. All accommodation expenses for this night (price paid by the Member, as well as the additional price reimbursed by the hotel) enable Points credit and collecting Eligible Nights.
+  This room guarantee applies to all Odyssea brand hotels that are listed on Odyssea Hospitality websites
+  The guarantee of availability is not applicable on certain dates. The official calendar of dates on which the availability guarantee does not apply is regularly updated and displayed for Members on the Odyssea Hospitality sites. It is up to Members to take note of these dates before booking a stay for which they wish an availability guarantee (see list of excluded dates on Odyssea Hospitality).
Members can use their “Odyssea Rewards” Points in order to redeem full or partial night(s) stay or convert to a voucher. The voucher is unable to be converted to money, but the Member could spend the voucher for his/her service expenditure in participating hotels. The value of each voucher is equivalent to 1,000,000 VND, valid for one time use and non-returnable of balance in cash.  
The use of Rewards Points to obtain a reduction on the amount of the invoice issued for an eligible stay at a participating hotel is subject to compliance with the following rules:
  • Rewards Points can only be used for eligible stays to gain Odyssea Rewards points pursuant to article 7 of the Terms & Conditions of the Program, which means for an eligible stay comprising accommodation and on-site expenses, or for an eligible stay comprising accommodation only;
  • Rewards points can only be used for reservations at participating hotels made through the Odyssea Hospitality websites, the websites of participating brand hotels, the Odyssea Hospitality mobile applications, hotels telephone/email of reservation center, or by booking directly with a participating hotel; “Odyssea Rewards” Points is unable to be used directly at the reception desk of a participating hotel during an eligible stay;
  • Rewards Points can only be used in multiples of 2,000 Odyssea Rewards Points; 2,000 Rewards Points entitle the member to a reduction of 1,000,000 VND on the price (including tax) of accommodation on Odyssea Hospitality website; a Member cannot use a number of Odyssea Rewards Points that would entitle them to a reduction of an amount greater than the total price of the accommodation Odyssea Hospitality; the Member must use the means of payment that are normally accepted online or at the hotel to pay the remaining price not covered by the reduction obtained (in case of using voucher);
  • Odyssea Rewards Points (voucher) may be used directly at the participating hotel at any point during a stay, between the Member’s Check-in and Check-out; the Member’s presence at the hotel and the presentation of the Member’s card are obligatory;
  • Using Odyssea Rewards Points to obtain a reduction in the price of accommodation or an expense charged in Vietnam Dong currency.
  • Rewards Points used by a Member can only be re-credited to the Member’s account in the following cases:
+  Automatic cancellation of a reservation as a result of payment failure or payment refusal;
+  Cancellation of a reservation by the Member before Check-in for rates where cancellations and changes are permitted;
+  Change of reservation by the Member entailing a reduction to the number of “Odyssea Rewards” Points used when making the original reservation, for rates where cancellations and changes are permitted (unless the member has already checked in);
+  Member’s failure to arrive at the hotel for rates where cancellations and changes are permitted (the amount of the first night will still be charged);
  • Odyssea Rewards Points will not be re-credited in the event of a Member’s request to change or cancel a reservation at a rate where changes and refunds are not permitted;
  • Odyssea Rewards Points (voucher) used directly at a participating hotel during a stay cannot be re-credited;
  • Reservations and expenses made in full or in part using Rewards Points are not eligible to earn Odyssea Rewards Points, but do entitle the member to accumulate Eligible Nights, only in the case that the conditions for this accumulation, as defined in the general conditions of use for the Program, are met.
  • In any case, the use of Odyssea Rewards Points cannot give rise to any monetary consideration in any form whatsoever including a cash refund.
  • When using “Odyssea Rewards” Points, the Member accepts that the information and transactions recorded in the computer systems used by the Manager will constitute proof that these transactions were made, until evidence is shown to the contrary.
If the Member notes that his/her Points were not credited as expected after a minimum of fourteen days following the Member’s stay at a participating hotel after Check-out date, the Member may submit a claim for Points adjustment within three months following the stay in question (based on the Check-out date). To do this, the Member must fill out the claim form available in the “Report missing Points after stay” section under the “Support” tab in the Member’s online account at Odyssea Rewards page.
For the claim to be processed, the Member must attach a copy of the paid invoice from the relevant participating hotel. This invoice must not include handwritten modifications. Only the document printed by the hotel is acceptable and must be established in the name of the Member making a claim.
Once a claim is proved to be justified, the correct amount of “Odyssea Rewards” Points will be credited to the Member’s account, along with the accurate amount of Status Points for the calendar year during which the stay took place. If being awarded the accurate amount of Status Points from the outset would have enabled the Member to access a different Status level in accordance with the rules detailed in article 8 above, the Member will be awarded the Status level in question for the remainder of the current calendar year. The Rewards Points credited to the Member’s account prior to this rectification will be recalculated accordingly.
If the Member is incorrectly refused a Points credit or benefit relating to his/her membership Status level, the Program Administrator’s responsibility is limited to correctly recording Points on the Member's account.
12.1. Termination by the Member. A Member may decide to withdraw from the Program at any time. A Member may terminate his/her membership by sending an email stating that he/she wishes to terminate his/her membership in the Program, from the “Support” page or using the “Contact us” link on the Odyssea Hospitality websites.

12.2. Suspension or termination by the Program Administrator. At the Program Administrator’s discretion, any breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Program by a Member may:
  • Lead to the temporary suspension of individual's membership for a period to be decided by the Program Administrator, which cannot exceed three (3) months (the 'Suspension Period');
  • Be sanctioned by the termination of the membership, that is, the immediate cancellation of the card, its benefits, the closure of the account and the cancellation of the Points earned, without any claim for compensation by the Member, for whatever reason.
12.3. Effects of suspension. During the Suspension Period, the Member may not earn Points or collect Eligible Nights, as stipulated in Article 7 herein, claim any benefits and services available to Members, as stipulated in Article 9 herein, or redeem his/her Points as stipulated in Article 10 herein.
During the Suspension Period, and no later than the expiry date of the Suspension Period, the Program Administrator may decide to:
  • Lift the suspension, in which case the Member can take advantage of the benefits and services available to Members and redeem his/her Points once again or
  • Order the termination of the membership in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 hereof.
12.4 Effects of termination. When membership is terminated, the Member shall be completely removed from the Program and all relations between the Program Administrator and the Member shall be irrevocably ended. This removal also results in the deletion of all Points accumulated at the date of termination.

Members may access all information regarding their membership in the Program (including their Points balance, Eligible Nights balance and the operation of their account) via their personal account on the Odyssea Hospitality websites. In accordance with Article 4.1, Members are reminded that by becoming a Member of the Program, they agree to receive digital communications associated with the operation and services offered by the Program (information messages, Points statements, etc.). If the Member no longer wishes to receive this information, which is deemed essential for Program operation, he/she must ask to leave the Program (see the termination procedure described in Article 12.1). 
Any Member participating in the Program would automatically agree to receive commercial information electronically by email from the Program, including promotions for Members only. If the Member no longer wishes to receive commercial communications by email, he/she may unsubscribe at any time from these commercial offers by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the email or via his/her personal account. This action has no effect on his/her membership.
The Member must notify the Program of any change of email or postal address, name, or any other relevant information via his/her personal account.

Any personal information regarding the Member is collected by Odyssea Hospitality Management Company, which is responsible for data processing as part of Program administration and management (such as for memberships and claims). This information is only used by Odyssea Hospitality Management Company and its subsidiaries. Data is protected as specified in the Odyssea Hospitality Management Company Personal Data Protection Charter on Private Policy section.
Members have the right to access, query, change, and oppose the use of stored personal information about them for legitimate reasons or, in particular, to oppose commercial prospection. For any relevant concerns on Personal Data protection, Members may send an email to
Joining the Program implies acceptance without reserve by Members of the Terms & Conditions of the Program.
In case of dispute between a Member and Odyssea Hospitality Management Company concerning the Terms & Conditions of the Program, the Member is hereby informed that he or she may appeal to a conventional mediation procedure or to an alternative method of settlement. In the absence of an amicable resolution within sixty days from the Customer Service referral date, the Member may appeal to the tourism and travel mediator, no later than twelve months after the first complaint. Contact information for the mediator and the means of referral are available in the “Support” section.
The Terms & Conditions of the Program are governed by Vietnam law.
All information and details regarding The Odyssea Rewards program, in particular the additional services provided by each of the participating hotels and the conditions relating to Odyssea Rewards vouchers, are available in the Odyssea Rewards section of the Odyssea Hospitality websites.